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Corporate Culture

Investigation, mapping and communication of the corporate culture of a company, as it is shaped by the way of management and employee behaviour. Analysis into values, mission, vision and behaviours and linking them to the other systems of the company. Communication and permeation to the employee body.

Every business that aims to be a leader in its industry has its own identity that sets it apart from any other. A strong element of organizational identity is corporate culture. Corporate culture is derived from core values. These values are the non-negotiable principles and beliefs that guide the organization, define people’s behaviors and give them pride and a sense of belonging. Another element of organisational identity is the corporate mission statement, which expresses the reason for the company’s existence. It defines what the company does very well and guides the development of its core competencies. Finally, the ultimate goal that connects the organization to its future is the company’s vision. It provides the framework for developing long-term business goals and demonstrates the top to be conquered.

ICAP provides the method and expertise for the company to clarify and express its values and the resulting behaviours, links them to professional life and supports their dissemination to employees. In addition, ICAP facilitates the formulation of the mission and vision, links them to the values, helps to create a communication campaign and provides training to employees in their concepts and practical value.

Which companies need the development of corporate values – mission and vision?

  • Any company aiming to lead in its industry
  • Any new business or any business resulting from a merger or acquisition that is in the process of identity building.
  • Any organisation that has a heritage but has not developed it into a dynamic identity for internal and external use.
  • Any organization that needs a foundation to develop a long-term strategy.

What does it include?

  • Identification and mapping of the values and behaviours that govern the business and their connection with the daily lives of employees
  • Defining and articulating the corporate mission
  • Defining and articulating the corporate vision
  • Development and implementation of communication and training of employees


  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Questionnaires
  • Satisfaction surveys
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