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Outplacement Services

Support Career Transitions, Strengthen Your Reputation: A Win-Win for Employees & Employers

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Benefits for the Employee: We Empower Career Transitions

We facilitate a successful career transition:

  • Exceptional CV design: Professional look, highlighting unique skills and achievements.
  • Digital Profile Optimization: Maximize job market impact and online reach.
  • Market Mapping: Strategic navigation for optimal role alignment.
  • Guided Career Insight: Unlocking potential with personalized coaching and state-of-the-art psychometric analysis.
  • Interview Mastery: Expert coaching to ace interviews.
  • Resilience building: Supportive guidance for a positive and empowering transition journey.
  • Networking Advantage: Exclusive access to ICAP’s premier network, opening doors to unique employment opportunities.

Benefits for the employer: We enhance transition success

We contribute to the success of corporate restructurings and changes:

  • Reputation Management: Demonstrate enduring commitment to your workforce, even beyond their tenure.
  • Team Morale: Keep your team engaged and motivated with seamless support for the transitioning team members.
  • Well-being Focus: We showcase your care, prioritizing emotional and professional growth and making transitions truly meaningful.
  • HR Support: Regular, clear updates that enable management to monitor transition successes.
  • Alumni Network: Cultivate a community of satisfied former employees, maintaining a strong alumni asset base.
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Our Outplacement Programs

At ICAP People Solutions we recognize and honour the uniqueness of every individual’s career journey. We are committed to making each career move not only smooth but also transformative.


Our high-quality outplacement services provide seamless career transitions coupled with consistently positive experiences, for the departing employees and the organisations as well.


To cater to the varied needs of professionals and organizations, our suite of outplacement solutions offers three carefully curated tiers:


(5 sessions)


(3 months)


(6 months)

Targeted Support:

  • Concise program
  • Equips professionals with the necessary tools and guidance for an effective career transition

Extended Support:

  • Comprehensive program, methodical approach
  • Gradual building of job search skills and career opportunities assessment
  • Sustained guidance and support

In-Depth Support:

  • Thorough and enduring program
  • Empowers clients with the skills and tools required for long-term success in the job market
  • Continuous support and coaching, including post-placement

Structured Strategy:

  • Fast-track route designed for maximum impact
  • Best suited for professionals eager to take charge of their job search with focused effort
  • Targeted actions, always backed by our specialized guidance and continuous support

Holistic Strategy:

  • Extensive approach that enables clients to navigate their career transition at a comfortable pace
  • Often targeted at key staff and mid-level managers
  • Strategic planning of each career transition, with personalized support and sound collaboration at every step

Long-Term Partnership:

  • Career counseling and coaching that continues during the first steps of the new placement
  • Addressed to companies that wish to offer high-level support, this program is also the usual choice for senior executives and managers
  • Carefully crafted steps designed to foster impactful growth across the spectrum of professionalism and career success

Essential Solution:

  • Cost-effective option
  • Optimal guidance on the fundamental steps that lead to a successful transition

Balanced Solution:

  • Balanced mix of time and resources
  • Comprehensive support in effectively navigating career transitions, adhering to budget constraints

Premier Solution:

  • Strategic investment aimed at securing the future success of departing employees and at sustaining the company’s excellence in people practices
  • Firm commitment to supporting the career advancement of departing employees

Regardless of the chosen program, ICAP People Solutions guarantees unwavering quality in our services. Your choice simply determines the depth and duration of our collaboration.

Why ICAP People Solutions is Your Premier Outplacement Choice

In the fluid and dynamic world of career changes, selecting the right partner for your Outplacement and Career Transition programs can make the difference. Here are the benefits of partnering with ICAP People Solutions for your outplacement requirements:

  • Expert Consultants: Our team is our strength. Our dedicated consultants bring deep knowledge and significant experience in executive search, coaching, and HR, offering invaluable expertise to every transition.
  • Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to ongoing post-transition guidance, we focus on the unique aspirations, challenges, and goals of each participant. As the company supports their transition journey, our unwavering commitment ensures that this transition is conducted in the most proficient manner, providing personalized support at every step.
  • More Than Just an Outplacement: To us, outplacement is not just a change in jobs, it represents a chance for personal growth and empowerment.. Our primary goal is to foster the development and psychological well-being of our clients. Through dedicated outplacement sessions, our consultants bring out the best in participants, guiding them towards an enduring progression in their professional selves.
  • Proven Success: We pride ourselves on a significant 70% market reintegration rate, reflecting our adeptness across various industries.
  • Reputation for Excellence: Our track record of success and client satisfaction underscores our pledge to quality and outstanding outcomes.



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