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Outplacement Services

At ICAP People Solutions we provide individual (and group) Outplacement & Career Transition Services and work closely with our clients to support their people of all industries and levels who are leaving to:

Benefits for the employee

  • Provide psychological support to employees during a very difficult period of their working life
  • Provide psychological support to employees during a very difficult period of their working life. They help workers to make a better assessment of the options available and arising and to negotiate better with prospective employers.
  • They train workers to re-evaluate their skills and market opportunities.

Benefits for the business

  • They help the organisation to cope with the negative effects on the existing work climate from the reduction of staff or the dismissal of executives
  • In particular, they reinforce the image of the company internally as a company that cares about its staff and is committed to their rehabilitation.
  • Reinforce its image as a responsible employer externally
  • They significantly support HR and Management teams to manage and implement changes in the organisation.

Our philosophy

Sky is the limit. Even in times of crisis, we believe that a methodical approach to careers and flexible thinking pays off for all groups of job seekers, even if they are close to retirement.

Our Team

Our consultants have expertise in Career Counselling & Personal Branding as well as in Career Guidance (Coaching), knowledge of Occupational Psychology and Talent Development and Management and experience in Executive Selection and HR Management.

They have extensive experience in supporting your people to develop a career strategy with long-term results.

Our approach

We guide your people through one-on-one Career Branding sessions, Coaching sessions and personality assessment to build on their strengths, enhance their image as candidates with potential in the job market and achieve their goals.

We prepare/train the employes for the next step in their career. We help them to:

  • Understand themselves better by using state of the art psychometric tools (HOGAN and META) to assess business appeal
  • Define their personal goals and draw up a corresponding action plan
  • Create a resume and LinkedIn profile that showcases their experience and talents and is optimized for search engines
  • Map the labour market and orientate themselves in it
  • Look for the next employer based on the goals they have set
  • Present their skills and qualifications in the best possible way in an interview
  • Evaluate new directions e.g. entrepreneurship
  • Learn to use their networking and social media to better promote their profile
  • Take their first steps with their new employer in the best possible way

What is included in the service?

  • Participant orientation and familiarisation
  • Assessment of skills, personality traits and record of achievements.
  • Career planning and market mapping. Provision of target company lists.
  • Designing a personal campaign and providing support in developing their network of contacts and implementing the campaign – sending emails and implementing phone calls to secure interviews
  • Αποστολή βιογραφικού σημειώματος εκ μέρους των συμμετεχόντων και ενεργοποίηση του δικτύου επαφών των Συμβούλων.
  • Development of personal marketing skills (networking, interviewing) and tools (CV Greek-English, cover letters, etc.).
  • Guidance and support in evaluating offers and negotiating with potential employers and connecting employees with available jobs
  • Coaching and support during the first months of the new job.

Why With Us:

  • 10 years of experience and track record of success specifically in the implementation of repositioning and career transition programs
  • Experience in consulting for over 50 years with an extensive database for market and contact mapping
  • Working with a wide range of clients (large multinationals and Greek companies) and experience in taking on different jobs with a high absorption rate in the market
  • Representations of internationally renowned psychometric tools that help to better assess employees.
  • Experience of Outplacement Consultants in interpreting psychometric tools and providing awareness feedback to participants
  • Large network of contacts and use this to create professional opportunities for participants
  • Working with ICAP’s executive search and selection department on any vacancies handled by the department
  • Support for employees from all parts of Greece due to the company’s presence in other cities and the use of technology that allows online meetings with participants
  • Possibility for employees to participate, depending on their level, in coaching sessions with executives who provide coaching services and not only outplacement
  • Experience of team consultants in the field of Executive Selection/Departmental Staffing and knowledge of the market