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Job Family

Job Family is a groups of jobs which have the same nature and require related but different levels of  responsibility, skills, knowledge and expertise.


Job Family concept provides a structured framework to architecture a Unified Human Capital Management. Job Family modeling can serve as a unifying framework for various Human Resource processes and systems, including an approach for integrating people and jobs.


What is a Job Family?

  • Job Families consist of groups of jobs which share similar characteristics
  • Within each Family there are several role profiles against which individual jobs can be matched
  • Any Job Role can only fall under one specific Job Family
  • The core nature of activities is similar across all levels within each family
  • The skills, competencies and responsibilities differ between each level


Job Family is an integrated approach to :

  • Rewards
  • Performance Management
  • Career Paths
  • Learning & Development
  • Attraction & Onboarding
  • Workforce & Succession Planning


What an effective Job Family Model should provide?

  • A logical and understandable system for evaluating and differentiating positions within the organization.
  • A consistent methodology for assigning job levels and positions based on an established criteria, which promotes consistency and confidence in job assignments organization-wide.
  • A common language for human resources, management, supervisors, and employees to use in career development and workforce planning discussions.