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Foundation and Core Principles: Course Topics

Introducing Strategic Alignment

  • Linking Strategy and Sales Compensation
  • Underlying Principles
  • Key Drivers of Sales Comp Plans
  • Sales Compensation Success


Understanding Sales Jobs and Reward Methods

  • Job Content and Sales Comp Design
  • Variable Pay
  • Benchmarking


Evaluating and Improving Sales Compensation Plans

  • Importance of Sales Data
  • Potential Unintended Outcomes
  • Statistical Tools
  • Applying Analytical Results
Using Plan Mechanics to Link Performance and Pay

  • Leveraged Mechanics
  • Performance Measures and Weighting
  • Compensation Measures and Pay Frequency
  • Sales Modeling


Managing and Administering Sales Compensation Plans

  • Roles in Managing and Administering
  • Tools and Functions 86
  • Uses of Data


Ensuring Plan Integrity

  • Key Stakeholders in Governance
  • Policies for Consistency and Continuity


Communicating Sales Compensation Plans

  • Priorities for Communicating Pay Actions
  • Components of Communicating a Plan
  • Change Management Strategies