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ICAP PEOPLE SOLUTIONS has developed its own web-based online system that is fully customisable and configurable, with process control, 180′ assessment capability and skills libraries.” Its name is “performance”.


Based on “performance”, we develop customized systems for you with an emphasis on simplicity, linkage to business objectives, employee development and the supervisor-employee relationship. Practical training for supervisors and employees and support in the implementation phase. A performance management system that works, increases efficiency, enhances employee confidence in the company and supports the supervisor-employee relationship.

We will design and help you implement a system specifically designed for your business. We will work with you to create KPI’s, select the appropriate skills and develop objectives.

Which organisations need an Electronic Performance Management System specifically designed for their needs:

  • Companies that have no performance management system at all and recognise that the lack of one has a negative impact on results. Firms where employees operate without objectives.
  • Companies that have an evaluation system but employees and management do not embrace it nor does it add value to the company.
  • Companies that need to improve the work climate and motivation of employees, especially where objectivity and development incentives are lacking.
  • Companies that want to develop the skills of their employees and gain a basis for systematic succession and a fair reward system.

What a Performance Management System can include:

  • Setting Objectives and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Main skills by function, specialty or job
  • Detailed annual programme of the evaluation process
  • Rating scale
  • All relevant forms and manuals
  • Implementation Plan
  • Link to the reward system
  • Communication Package and Training to employees

Principles of the system:

  • Justice
  • Transparency
  • Co-responsibility
  • Development orientation

Special tools

  • System of setting objectives with a methodology (SMART).
  • Library of skills and behaviours