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Psychometric Tools

Psychometric instruments refer to tests related to specific abilities or skills or behaviours and motivation. They are conducted in a weighted/controlled context (e.g. same conditions, specific procedures, questions, comparison group, etc.) leading to a controlled and therefore comparable result.

They are used in combination with other methodologies and the benefits of psychometric tools are multiple and documented through research, provided of course that best practice principles are followed in their use and interpretation.


They can be used to provide important information in selection processes, development, 360o assessment, coaching, outplacement, career transition, career guidance and self-awareness development.

Psychometric tools completed online have many advantages. In particular, they can be answered at any time of the day (24/7), at the place and time that is convenient for the person being assessed. The development of technology has helped to eliminate falsification. It is also quicker and easier to access and complete the questions as well as to score them, which, since it is done automatically, reduces human error. Still, the production of result reports is immediate and they are automatically sent to the client. Finally, they are translated and adapted in several languages, so the assessor can choose to answer in the language they feel most comfortable with.

There are two keys to success in business: money and people. Hogan uses the science of personality assessment to help businesses hire the right people, develop talented employees, create leaders and increase profits.
Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan were the first to demonstrate that personality predicts job performance, thereby helping companies reduce attrition and increase profitability. After three decades, its assessments are used by the world’s most powerful companies.

Hogan by Numbers
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ICAP’s expert certified HR consultants, combining extensive experience with deep knowledge of Hogan’s tools, help our clients achieve their talent management goals with services ranging from employee selection to leadership development.

Hogan’s multi-dimensional approach to personality assessment offers deep insight that serves as a valuable tool for talent selection and development.

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Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) questionnaire assesses the «bright side», i.e., everyday personality under normal conditions and is used to predict work behavior. HPI is ideal for helping an organization strengthen its employee selection, leadership development, succession and talent management processes.

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Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) questionnaire identifies the «dark side» of the individual, i.e. the risks and problems arising from his or her personality and interaction with others. These behaviours mainly occur in times of stress and anxiety and can interfere with professional interpersonal relationships, slow down productivity or weaken an individual’s overall potential. These behaviours – which are strongly linked to personality – influence both the leadership style and the actions of the employee. If these behaviours are identified and the root cause is identified, they can be improved through training and coaching interventions.

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Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is a tool that reveals a person’s core values, motivations and interests, «the inside» his or her personality The results determine what kind of job, type of work and environment the person would be motivated to do and under what conditions he or she would feel most satisfied.

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Strategic self-awareness for leaders

Whether you are already a leader of units or teams or on your way to becoming one, you are needed:

  • Know how you lead, your potential and your room for improvement.
  • Understand how others see you in the professional world. Your reputation as a leader.
  • Rely on new knowledge to define and advance your reputation, harness your natural potential and face the risks that can derail you from your course.

Hogan’s assessments and feedback from your ICAP coach will give you a new perspective on how your personality affects your leadership effectiveness.


You fill in three questionnaires and receive the corresponding reports. You will also receive a Coaching Report that guides the synthesis of the data and the creation of a development plan. The Flash Report helps your coach to interpret the data with you

hogan LDF coaching1 3 Potential Report: Describes your daily way of working and your leadership style
hogan LDF coaching2 3 Challenge Report: Highlights your possible reactions to pressure or relaxation and how they undermine your performance
hogan LDF coaching3 3 Values Report: Reveals your professional motivations and values and how they affect your leadership style
hogan LDF coaching4 3 Coaching Report: Provides a summary of results and a 5-step development plan
hogan LDF coaching5 3 Flash Report: Graphically presents the scores to help your coach interpret the results
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After completing the assessments, you participate in a feedback session with your Hogan-certified coach.

  • You will discuss your professional context and your future goals, and continue with your natural abilities and challenges, according to your profile and the derailer you display. You will pick out the information that is important for your personal development
  • Eventually you will transfer the new knowledge into your daily professional life and your development efforts.
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With the questionnaires and feedback you will have gained:

  • Understanding your reputation as a leader and what impact you have on your subordinates and those around you
  • Understanding the opportunities you will exploit and the margins for improvement you will face
  • Knowledge of hidden strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical knowledge on how to adapt your approach and manage your reputation

Strategic self-awareness that will help you plan your career development and harness your natural talents.

Leadership Forecast Series

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It provides leaders with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, challenges and underlying motivations, along with a 5-step development planning form and career development advice. It is aimed at senior managers.

Leadership Focus

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It helps new leaders and first-time supervisors understand how their personality traits can affect their effectiveness in leadership.
Aimed at Managers and Employees who contribute individually.


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It assesses emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and manage one’s own and others’ emotions. It is aimed at Senior Executives, Managers and Employees who contribute individually.

Insight Series

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It provides new and mid-level managers with a concise overview of their strengths, potential weaknesses and core values.
It is aimed at Managers and Employees who contribute individually.

High Potential

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It helps to identify talent within the organisation, people with the potential to develop into leadership positions. In addition, it helps the emerging leader to become more effective and the effective leader to emerge more effective, thus achieving the maximization of their leadership potential. Aimed at Managers.


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It identifies strengths and potential weaknesses, with advice on how to optimise the employee’s performance. Aimed at Employees who contribute individually.

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Identifies problem-solving style to predict career success and evaluates qualitative and quantitative reasoning for the purpose of selecting and developing managers. Aimed at Senior Executives, Managers and Employees who contribute individually at all levels.

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It describes the information processing style, problem-solving approach and decision-making style, as well as managers’ receptiveness to feedback and guidance. It is aimed at Senior Executives and Managers.a.


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Designed for use by a coach or experienced/trained user to interpret tools based on scores only. Aimed at Senior Executives.


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Designed to help team members understand the strengths, weaknesses and culture of their team and their personal role in it. Aimed at teams.


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It provides advice in the early stages of a career, based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It is aimed at employees who contribute individually.

Hogan 360°

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It provides advice in the early stages of a career, based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It is aimed at employees who contribute individually.



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Assesses each candidate as very, moderately or slightly suitable for an occupation for 7 major occupational categories Aimed at Managers and Employees who contribute individually.


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A personalised solution that describes the suitability for a job and provides a selection proposal, interview guide and method for making the decision to select candidates. Aimed at Senior Executives, Managers and Employees who contribute individually, at all levels.


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Identifies safety-focused candidates, sets training priorities, and identifies and corrects safety-related organizational culture gaps. Addresses employees who contribute individually.

General Employability

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A simple and easy-to-use tool that quickly measures how good an employee a candidate is likely to be against key job requirements. Addresses employees who contribute individually.

Candidate Assessment Suite
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The Candidate Assessment Suite is HOGAN’s new platform for fast and reliable selection of candidates based on personality.

Use Hogan’s science and candidate personality clues to quickly sort, filter and identify the best candidates.

With Candidate Assessment Suite you can come up with a short list of qualified candidates, compare them, refine the interviews you conduct, and most importantly, base your selection on objective and reliable data.

By using the Candidate Assessment Suite, the number of interviews you conduct, and their associated costs, are reduced, and the meetings held with the most suitable candidates become more effective and targeted.

The platform can be managed independently by the client’s HR executives.

The detailed Candidate Performance Report provides information on each candidate’s job performance, such as:

  • The candidate’s working style
  • The overall score in the job family and explanatory text
  • The scores on the individual skills that have been shown to be important for the job family to which the post belongs
  • Information in relation to personality traits based on the Hogan dimensions, derived from the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) & Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
  • Additional skills tailored to the requirements of your job (optional).

Suggested interview questions related to demonstrated behaviours to discover important personality clues based on the Hogam questionnaire assessment results
ICAP’s HR consultants provide full support to implement the above solutions based on clients’ talent development or selection needs.

Aon Assessments (formerly cut-e) creates smart human factor measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment tools.

Aon Assessments’ innovative online tools help HR professionals and managers make reliable and informed decisions with respect to talent assessment and selection. These tools are built on a strong foundation of research and psychometrics as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and are short, meaningful and user-friendly.

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Aon Assessments helps businesses identify the people with the right skills and the right mindset to achieve the best results. Whether it’s selection, executive development, team building, or organizational development Aon Assessments offers smart tools for HR professionals and managers.

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Virtual Proctoring

AON Assessments offers the innovative application of Virtual Proctoring, which saves the HR time and cost and verifies candidates who complete an assessment, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of online, unsupervised assessments.

See more details here.

Virtual proctoring

Ability test

For many years research has shown that ability tests are powerful predictive tools for success in the professional arena. They provide great added value for HR decision making with comparatively little investment. All tests can be used to identify employee potential but are also particularly suitable for effective pre-qualification as part of the on-line recruitment process. Many of the “Scales” series of competency tests are well-known and popular Cut-e competency tests and continue to be part of the Aon Assessments range of tests.

  • language reasoning test which measures a person’s ability to draw logical conclusions from complex linguistic data presented in texts
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  • numerical reasoning test which measures a person’s ability to draw logical conclusions from complex numerical data presented in tables and charts.
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  • logical reasoning test which measures a person’s ability to reason logically.  It is a diagrammatic test related to the discovery of rules governing certain sequences of shapes and the person has to identify objects that do not follow the rule.
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  • tests of specific cognitive skills such as the Information Management Test which measures a person’s ability to manage and prioritise information in complex situations.
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  • Other tests include the following:
    • Creativity test
    • Speed of reaction
    • Memorisation of persons
    • Perception of space
    • Supervisory capacity
    • Eye-hand coordination
    • Perception and orientation
    • Short-term memory
    • Multitasking
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Gamified Τεστ

The SmartPredict series includes gamified skill tests with some gaming elements (e.g. achieving progression through levels and earning some points) that are designed to be completed even on a mobile phone.

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Skills questionnaires

In any job, success depends on basic skills. Interpersonal and communication skills, the way one works, approaches problems and overcomes challenges are often more important factors for long-term success in the role than specialist knowledge and experience.

With well-designed self-descriptive questionnaires, Aon Assessments measures those personality dimensions that are critical to job success and provides reliable information for selection and development decisions.

Indicative Skills Tests:

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Personality test 

There is also a specific results report that identifies the individual’s skills in relation to the sales cycle (Sales Shapes). This model was developed based on relevant scientific research that refers to the different stages of the sales process in different sectors and industries of the economy. It highlights the important stages of any successful sales process.

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  • Motivation test
    • The Views motivation test measures an individual’s values, motivation and interests in the workplace in order to assess whether the individual is a good fit for the organisation, department or team
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Video-Based Assessments

Aon Assessments offers the possibility of conducting digital interviews using Artificial Intelligence technology. This tool designed by vidAssess enables HR managers to select from over 600 available questions as interview questions and ask candidates to record their answers within the expected time and upload them to the system. HR managers then have the option to view the video-recorded interviews at the time they want, thus greatly reducing candidate assessment time.

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Τεστ Situational Judgement

In a person selection process, the Chat Assess test enables candidates to send messages as they would do through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Based on the choices they make and the decisions they make, the test assesses a candidate’s strengths and personal characteristics and predicts how candidates will react in real work situations. This test can be used at an initial stage of candidate assessment and is suitable for selecting university graduates and interns.

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ISV.Online has been a leader in the online skills and competency testing market for over 25 years. Since 2020, it has been owned by Ikiru People Ltd, a subsidiary of Dillistone Group Plc, which is a leader in providing solutions and services to executive search and selection firms and HR departments of companies around the world.

ISV.Online’s tests help HR executives measure candidates’ fluency in using Word and Excel, quick processing of numerical and language texts, accounting knowledge, etc.

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What is META?
Entrepreneurship is the genesis of business innovation and growth. However, all entrepreneurial activities start from the individual factor, and some individuals have a greater potential to innovate and an entrepreneurial drive. META recognizes these talents and helps businesses identify them, develop them and foster a culture of innovation in the organization.


What is “Disruptive Talent”?
People who innovate, think creatively, challenge conventional ways of doing things & identify new trends in the market, see opportunities, implement them decisively and think long-term.


Why is innovation and entrepreneurship important?
If a business wants to grow in today’s global economy, it must embrace entrepreneurship and innovation. The recent explosion of competitive start-ups and the increasing pace of new products and services have made innovation key to business success.

The talent war is a new war to find entrepreneurial talent and the companies that have the most of this talent will outperform their competitors and grow. The sure way therefore for companies to grow is to identify individuals who can innovate and act as intrapreneurs.


It is the only valid psychometric tool in the market that identifies people with talent for innovation and entrepreneurship (and intrapreneurship).

‘It has more than 200,000 people, in 10 languages, in 25 countries.

Designed by leading scholars from Goldsmiths, NYU and UCL, in collaboration with Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance lab, META is the result of a comprehensive four-year research programme, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and approved by the scientific community.


With META you can …

  • Identify the people who have the potential to change things in your business.
  • Identify people with a flair for business and innovation and create the right framework for their development.
  • Build high performing teams, ensuring the best possible mix of people to maximise innovation and business growth.