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Certifications & Skill Development


Below you can browse the options we offer in the area of training and development, which include certifications in Hogan’s psychometric tools and skill development workshops for managers and leaders.

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Assess personality, values and behaviour using scientific tools whose effectiveness has been documented by studies over the last 30 years. Through case studies, you will be effectively and directly assisted in interpreting your executives’ personalities and providing feedback on difficult behavioral issues using Hogan’s tools. HOGAN CERTIFICATION LEVEL 1 is the certification program required to use HOGAN questionnaires. This program trains professionals in the use of & interpretation of the 3 personality questionnaires that are the world’s top choice.

The knowledge and information you will acquire during the two-day seminar will radically change the way you perceive the human nature, the leadership. It is no coincidence that more than 200 Greek professionals in the field of HR, as well as the 2/3 of the companies included in the list of FORTUNE 100 are certified in the tools of HOGAN.

  • Who it is aimed at
    • Executives of all levels in HR
    • Professionals involved in Education & Development and the
      Talent Management
    • Occupational psychologists
    • Executive coaches
    • Internal and external consultants
  • Main applications of Hogan Tools
    • Employee selection
    • Localization & HiPos development
    • Leadership development
    • Executive coaching
    • Succession planning
    • Team development
    • Organisational analysis


  • Objectives of the Program
    • You will learn how to interpret and apply the HPI, HDS and MVPI
    • You will be exposed to HOGAN’s unique philosophy of assessment and you will understand the importance of using psychometric tools
    • You will be able to provide feedback on personality questionnaires and contribute to the development of individuals
  • The Benefits of Certification
    • You will receive a Certificate of Attendance from HOGAN and be registered in its international directories
    • You will understand the applications of assessments to be able to choose the right tools for each situation
    • HOGAN Certification Level 1 is approved for CE credits for SHRM, ICF, APA & HRCI and seminar hours can be logged as continuing professional development hours for your personal accreditation.


  • Kostas Zoulias: Director, Human Capital Consulting.
  • Galini Iliopoulou: Senior Manager, Human Capital Consulting.

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Register here your interest in participating in the seminar

The Advanced Interpretation Certification Workshop offers participants deeper interpretive insights into Hogan’s psychometric tools. The program is designed for professionals who want to interpret in-depth and combined findings from questionnaires in order to make selection or talent management decisions.

Participants are certified by Hogan as Advanced Interpreters. Attendance requires prior certification through the Hogan Level 1 Certification Workshop.

By following the programme you will learn to:

  • Interpret and to use the basic tools of Hogan
  • Collect data from all scales of all three questionnaires for stronger and combined interpretations
  • Receive the maximum information from the subscales of the questionnaires
  • Interpret low scores from the HDS (behaviour under pressure) and MVPI (values and motivation) questionnaires

The skills you will acquire by attending this experiential workshop will prepare you to analyse the results from the Hogan questionnaires at a deeper level and get the maximum interpretive value from the three basic HOGAN personality questionnaires (HPI, HDS, MVPI) for decisions concerning the selection and management of talent.

The Advanced Feedback Certification Workshop offers participants a framework that allows them to give high-value feedback based on Hogan’s psychometric tools. The programme is designed for professionals who want to analyse in depth the themes captured in individuals’ profiles and provide effective feedback, linking this data to the individuals’ work context.

Participants are certified by Hogan as Advanced Feedback Providers. Attendance requires prior certification through the Hogan Level 1 Certification Workshop. By attending the program:

  • You will learn a a structured and clear framework to provide feedback to the tools of Hogan
  • You will receive information about the feedback types, the models and the best practices in providing feedback
  • You will learn how to deal with common problems when providing feedback
  • You will learn to link the results of assessments to the working context of people
  • You will practice conduct a session feedback in a supervised environment
  • You will practice planning development plan based on the results of the questionnaires of Hogan

The skills you will acquire by attending this experiential workshop will prepare you to provide high impact feedback for your organization to give maximum value to both the organisation and the individuals receiving the feedback.


What do the Workshops include?

Learning on-demand: access to the Hogan e-Learning Management System for interactive pre-workshop preparation and access to educational resources.
Certified presenters: you will work alongside expert, trained facilitators in Hogan tools and benefit from their deep technical and practical experience.
Certification Materials: the workshop material is a guide for the subsequent practical application of the new knowledge Networking: the workshop is an excellent opportunity to interact with other certified users of Hogan tools, to exchange experiences, concerns, and best practices to get the maximum value from the tools. And of course it’s a great opportunity to grow your network of contacts!

Every job opening attracts a large number of candidates to the labour market. The HR professional involved in the selection and the hiring manager are required to break a Gordian knot to arrive at the most suitable candidate.

The science of personnel selection offers the appropriate tools and methodologies to assist professionals, but their practical application is hampered by limitations and specificities.


A two-day workshop that decodes the processes, techniques, practices and selection tools to help you choose the best ones, one at a time.

Indicative Topics

Position specifications • What the position really needs
• What we ask of the best candidate
Pre-selection • How we choose from hundreds of CVs. Selection files and forms.
• How we use ability tests and personality questionnaires. HOGAN – Cut-e
Selection • Interviews – Types and Techniques
• Selection Centers – Design, Methodologies
Selection decision • Scoring tools
• Factors and dilemmas affecting choice:
Competence or character, Present or future, HR or immediate supervisor


See here the seminar program.

It is addressed to new Managers who have recently taken over teams and more experienced Executives who want to update their knowledge on team management issues.

At the end of the seminar, participants will have acquired basic leadership techniques to enable them to effectively conduct meaningful, impactful, conversations with their subordinates. More specifically, they will be able to:

  • Understand their role in creating and developing high performing teams.
  • Identify different management styles and understand how they can adapt their own style to each member of their team.
  • Apply the basic principles of effective communication and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Set and monitor SMART, qualitative and quantitative targets in order to achieve results.
  • They courageously have difficult conversations with colleagues in order to improve poor performance.
  • Bring out talents from within the team and create the right conditions to unleash their potential.

At the end of the seminar a certificate of attendance is given.
The seminar is conducted in Greek, (it can also be conducted in English) with material designed in English.


Indicative Agenda

  • The concept of effective leadership
  • The “Situational Leadership” model and the different management styles
  • The importance of establishing powerful questions in discussions initiated by the leader with a team member to enhance communication and build a relationship of Trust
  • The importance of providing constructive feedback to managers that has an impact in relation to SMART objectives
  • The importance of conducting courageous conversations and best practices
  • The “unlocking” of the dynamics of the members of a group –
  • Designing a successful development plan that unlocks people’s potential, using the learning stages model and providing feedback.

Maria Kokkinos, Senior Manager, Human Capital Consulting

It is aimed at Senior Managers who want to upgrade their leadership knowledge, and build on their vision and values to maximise their impact as leaders in order to develop high performing teams, fostering a knowledge environment and climate that inspires contribution and commitment.

At the end of the training programme, participants will feel empowered as Leaders to effectively lead a team with vision and values and manage any change process. More specifically they will be able to:

  • Gain self-awareness of their personal values, management style and possibly ineffective behaviours.
  • Build an inspiring vision and share it with different audiences through story telling methodologies.
  • Develop organisational design skills that will help create skills within the company that are aligned with its strategy.
  • Recognize the pitfalls that neutralize a team and learn how to manage disoriented or dysfunctional teams.
  • Explore how to instill in the organization a performance culture that capitalizes on collective intelligence.

120 minutes of preparatory work is required from the participants.
A certificate of attendance is given at the end of the training programme.
The training program is conducted in Greek (can be conducted in English) with materials designed in English.


Indicative Agenda

  • Definition of Vision and its differentiation from the mission of an organisation
  • Introduction to the psychometric tools of Hogan Assessments and the link between the personality of leaders and the definition and implementation of a vision
  • Leadership styles and discussion of participants’ individual psychometric profiles
  • The Storytelling technique and best practices in building a vision
  • Definition and structure of “Organizational Design” and reference to organizational models and leadership practices and skills).
  • Management of dysfunctional groups and focus on derailers through a relevant psychometric tool
  • Designing a plan of action with quick wins
  • The importance of individual and group motivation and values
  • What is a learning environment and how a learning culture is created.
  • The impact of collective intelligence and best practices for harnessing collective intelligence to ensure high performing teams.
  • Ways of implementing the Leadership Plan

Kostas Zoulias, Director, Human Capital Consulting
Maria Kokkinos, Senior Manager, Human Capital Consulting

The Team Ignition is a successful methodology focusing on strengthening team cohesion and the role of the leader within it to more effectively achieve the team goal and objectives of the company.

It is based on a reliable factor analysis model of the group that need intervention and in real conditions, builds team cohesion with a wide variety of interventions, approaching both the team members’ and the leader’s side.


The methodology includes:

  • One valid on -line diagnostic media the Team Assessment Survey (TAS) based on the worldwide best-selling book “Rocket Model” and measures 8 factors that influence the effectiveness of the team (Context- Mission-Talent-Norms-Buy-in-Resources-Courage-Results)
  • 40 activities intervening in these 8 factors, from which one can choose, depending on the needs of the group.
  • Interactive workshops and individual coaching to support the team and its members.
  • Trained Advisors supporting the application of the methodology

The obvious results for the team:

  • All the factors that hinder teamwork are identified and treated
  • The team function is enhanced if team members learn procedures and practices that facilitate teamwork
  • The group members end up being self-aware and awareness of their role and a more effective plan of action to achieve the team goal
  • The leader gains increased ability to intervene  the effectiveness of the team and its members.
  • The company’s results will be more improved.

Information: Kostas Zoulias, Director, Human Capital Consulting, Phone:. 210 7200168 e-mail: kzoulias@icap.gr

Many of your young dynamic professionals have developed in their roles with their technical aptitude, drive and learning agility. Some of these people become Team Leaders, Supervisors and later Managers of Managers. Very often, they never had the chance to develop those skills that sometimes are referred as “Soft Skills”. The skills that deal with management of self and others. It will never be the right time, but it will always be a great need, because the attitude of these people will make or break effective teams.


At ICAP PEOPLE SOLUTIONS, we have developed a portfolio of courses, flexible and customizable, which you can make very easily your own. Short but impactful. The selection is yours:
✔ Managing vision
✔ Coaching
✔ Performance Management
✔ Providing constructive feedback
✔ Conflict management
✔ Developing and Motivating
✔ Self-management with Emotional Intelligence
✔ Selecting
✔ Personal development
✔ Executive presence
✔ Strategic thinking
✔ Decision making
✔ Problem Solving
✔ Time management & setting priorities
✔ Communication and presentation
✔ Leading Effective teams.


Information: Kostas Zoulias, Director, Human Capital Consulting, Phone:. 210 7200168 e-mail: kzoulias@icap.gr

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The Global Remuneration Program (GRP) provides a foundation of knowledge that spans borders. It signifies that you have the knowledge and critical skills to design and manage strategically sound rewards programs that support your organization’s needs.


Earn the GRP® certification with ICAP People Solutions an authorized WorldatWork® Global Partner.

Let us guide you! Learn about the GRP® exam and program during a personalized consultation session with our expert advisors.


ICAP People Solutions is an authorized WorldatWork® Global Partner. WorldatWork brings together the best professionals from around the world to provide the foremost education, leadership and community dedicated to elevating employee experiences and organizational performance. For over 65 years, WorldatWork has set the standard in rewards best practices, professional development and human capital leadership. Over 93% of the Global 500 companies trust and rely on WorldatWork education and certified professionals to power their employee rewards, engagement and retention efforts.



Total Rewards Management Certification

Gain a foundation in reward strategy and its five elements: compensation, benefits, well-being effectiveness, development and recognition.


An effective Total Rewards strategy results in satisfied, engaged and productive employees who create desired business performance and results. Total Rewards represent all the tools (monetary and nonmonetary) an employer uses to attract, motivate, engage, and retain employees. Learn what is required to formulate a Total Rewards program.

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Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals

Boost your business acumen to better understand business strategy, finances, operations and communications.


Learn how to apply key business acumen skills and behaviors that will help you drive positive results for your organization. Discover the essential skills, behaviors and actions that support the understanding and development of business acumen. This course helps you see the big picture, understand financial concepts, recognize the important relationship between compensation plans and the bottom line, and make wiser decisions.

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Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management Certification

Make better decisions by gaining critical skills in applied statistics and analytics that you learn through hands-on training in Excel.


Lighten your load and save time when you use the power of Excel. Discover how to use Excel to develop and apply problem-solving and decision-making tools in compensation management. In this course, you will learn to consider data from numerous sources and how to employ Excel when working with quantitative concepts, basic statistical tools, the mathematics of compensation design and administration. Learn basic quantitative concepts and the four levels of measurement.

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Job Analysis, Documentation and Evaluation

Learn to create fair and attractive pay structures that advance equity and ensure legal compliance


Master methods and processes that ensure your organization attracts and retains top talent. This course provides an understanding of fundamental concepts, including the primary methods of ranking, classification, and point-factor techniques to determine job worth within the organization. You will examine market-based and content-based job evaluations with a focus on quantitative and nonquantitative approaches. Learn how the methods outlined in the course can be put into practice in your organization.

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Base Pay Administration and Pay for Performance

Gain a vital edge in the competition for talent by developing an effective and strategic base pay salary structure.


Learn how to design a pay program that is fair, competitive and supports your organization’s compensation strategy. Whether you are modifying your current base pay plan or building one from the ground up, you will be able to immediately apply the comprehensive concepts presented on the principles, design, implementation, and evaluation of a base pay program.

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Market Pricing — Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis Certification

Help your organization compete for and win top talent by learning to build market-related salary structures and packages.


Learn to conduct an effective compensation analysis methodology to determine a job’s market value. This course teaches the skills needed to market price benchmark jobs and slot non-benchmark jobs into a salary structure for your organization. You will learn a consistent methodology for conducting a competitive pay analysis and ensure that it meets your organization’s hiring and retention goals.

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Variable Pay — Improving Performance with Variable Pay

Design variable pay plans that attract, motivate, retain employees while boosting your organization’s bottom line.


Find out how to design for results through incentive, bonus and recognition plans. This course teaches the fundamentals of variable pay and how it can support your organization’s business objectives. Learn to design a pay plan that will effectively reward employees to increase performance and productivity, while considering fixed salary components.

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International Remuneration — An Overview of Global Rewards

Learn to compensate international employees effectively and equitably, boosting your organization’s global talent pool.


Gain an overview of total rewards and its role within global organizations. Topics include the development of effective compensation, benefits and work-life strategies that respond to organizational and environmental complexities, a discussion of expatriate pay assignments, an analysis of the influence of governments on rewards practices and the role of total rewards within the overall global management of human resources.

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International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals

Understand the international accounting standards that steer global compensation and benefits decisions.


Understand international financial reporting so you can make sound decisions about rewards programs and work effectively with your accounting/finance business partners. Learn the basic principles and concepts with a focus on International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19), which outlines the requirements for accounting and disclosure of the employee benefits — including wages and salaries, pensions, life insurance and other incentives.

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Strategic Communication in Total Rewards Certification

Effectively inform, persuade, and motivate stakeholders and employees about your rewards strategy.


Ensure your employees understand their Total Rewards package. Find out what to share, the best way to communicate a new program, how to deliver sensitive information and approaches for special situations, such as mergers or acquisitions. This course teaches an effective stepby-step process for creating a communications plan that will positively influence behaviors and enhance employee engagement.

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