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Assessment & Development Centers

An Assessment and Development Center is a sophisticated process of assessing individuals for the purposes of selection, promotion and/or development. Its advantage is that it combines many data, methodologies, and criteria and therefore increases the possibility of predicting the future performance/behaviour of the individual.

In an Assessment and Development Centre, psychometric tools (such as personality and motivation questionnaires, ability tests), structured interviews and case studies – which is usually a presentation based on specific data – are used. Alternatively and depending on the needs of the role to be assessed, a role play exercise (e.g. subordinate/supervisor or customer discussion), group exercise, etc. can be created.

ICAP’s competitive advantage is the creation of a case study, which is precisely related to the role to be evaluated and is therefore tailored to the role in question. In this way, we assess the potential behaviours the individual will need to demonstrate during the performance of the duties of the position.

Upon completion of the Assessment and Development Centre, all methodologies are scored by experienced consultants and an individual results report is produced. For individuals already working in the client company or in a process that has a developmental character, a feedback discussion and the creation of a development plan follows.

Assessment and Development Centres can be individual or group and last from half a day to one day.

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ICAP Speed Assess

ICAP Speed ​​Assess is a solution suitable for quick, cost-effective and reliable talent selection.


It is an Assessment Center that can be used for the final selection of external or internal candidates, or candidates in trainee programs.

ICAP Speed Assess is an integrated and flexible solution: the competencies to be assessed and the simulation exercises (case study & role-play) are selected from the respective libraries of ICAP People Solutions. The assessment is supplemented by indications from a short interview conducted with the candidates and from AON Assessments’ psychometric personality questionnaire, ADEPT-15.


The results report is prepared within 24 hours of the completion of the assessment by the experienced consultants of ICAP People Solutions and it is concise and focused on the important competencies required for the position.