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HR Audit

Monitoring the operation of a company’s human resources and making proposals for improvement, in accordance with its strategic objectives and human resources needs. The audit covers all areas of human resource management and may extend to an assessment of the organisational structure and the management of the enterprise. The service is of particular value in cases of acquisitions or mergers where the company’s “due diligence” process is completed with the HR Audit process.

In order for an organization to maximize the contribution of its human capital, the HR function must perform at a high level. The HR Audit evaluates a company’s HR strategy, systems, policies and practices, comparing them to industry best practices. It also makes recommendations to help the HR function align with the business strategy, resolve problems, increase the level of service to employees, gain flexibility and support the company’s efforts to achieve results.

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Which companies need HR AUDIT

  • Companies that consider that their HR function does not enhance business performance
  • Companies that have diagnosed problems in relation to their human resources, e.g. high voluntary departure rate, low attraction and retention of talented employees, low motivation rate, communication problems, high complaint rates, non-compliance with rules, etc.
  • Companies that want to compare their HR management against their competition.
  • Businesses preparing for expansion, merger or acquisition.

What is included
Offered in two levels, the basic and the extended


  • Strategy and organisation of the HR function
  • Systems and practices
  • Management issues
  • Organisational Structure of the company
  • Evaluation of the managers of the HR function

EXECUTIVE, the following are added to the subjects of the Basic:

  • Organisational culture
  • Evaluation of the executives of the management of the Company