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Job Analysis, Documentation and Evaluation

What You Will Learn

  • Learn theories of HR job analysis, documentation, and evaluation.
  • Learn about quantitative and non-quantitative job evaluation methods.
  • Discover sources of job information, job analysis communication, and possible sources of error.
  • See the types of job documentation, descriptions, and formats; learn to prepare job descriptions.
  • Learn to assess and select job-evaluation strategies and understand potential implementation challenges.
Who Will Benefit from This Course?

This course offers a solid foundation for those new to job analysis and a powerful refresher for seasoned HR professionals; it also will help people managers understand the building blocks of compensation and benefits decision-making.

Course Synopsis

Learn to create grade structures that advance workplace equity, contribute to a workplace environment that employees increasingly expect and demand, and ensure the organization remains legally compliant.

This foundational course teaches up-to-date methods of job analysis, documentation, and job evaluation, including writing job descriptions and understanding the underpinning knowledge for job evaluation that will help you support your organization’s talent goals.

Course Topics
Strategic Overview

  • The Total Rewards design process
  • Base pay structure design
  • Terms and definitions


Job Analysis

  • Job analysis
  • Sources of job information
  • Job analysis communication
  • Possible sources of error
Job Documentation

  • Types of job documentation
  • Job descriptions
  • Job description format
  • Job description preparation


Market-based Job Evaluation

  • Building a base structure
  • Considerations in data collection


Nonquantitative Job

Evaluation Methods

  • Job content evaluation methods
  • Ranking method
  • Classification method


Quantitative Job Evaluation


  • Job content evaluation methods
  • Compensable factors
  • Job component method
  • Point factor method
  • Quantitative plan summary


Selection and Implementation


  • Selecting a job evaluation strategy
  • Implementation issues