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Strategic Communication in Total Rewards Certification

What You Will Learn

  • Learn why you need to strategically plan a communication campaign.
  • Discuss the characteristics of effective communication.
  • Understand the eight steps of the communication process.
  • Identify the appropriate communication channel for delivering your message.
  • See specific total rewards communications considerations and special situations.
  • Understand how to manage your communication campaign.
Who Will Benefit from This Course?

This course is designed to help compensation and HR professionals more effectively communicate about the rewards employees receive.


This course also is appropriate for people managers; some employers may wish to enroll multiple people managers to ensure consistent communication about rewards throughout the organization.

Course Synopsis

Even the best rewards strategy will be compromised if employees and executives don’t understand it. This course will help you effectively inform, persuade, and motivate various stakeholders, increasing the power of your rewards strategy and providing your organization with a competitive advantage when pursuing talent.

Course Topics
Communication Campaigns and

Total Rewards

  • Elements of Total Rewards
  • Strategic Total Rewards communication
  • Management’s Role in Communication
  • Strategic Communication


Fundamentals of Effective


  • Communication models
  • Aspects of effective communication
  • Potential barriers to effective communication
Total Rewards Communication

and Special Situations

  • Total rewards communication
  • Communicating the employee value proposition of a Total Rewards package
  • Special situations
  • Working effectively with external vendors and internal communication departments


The Strategic Communication

Process: Steps 1-4

  • Step 1 – Analyze the situation
  • Step 2 – Define the objectives
  • Step 3 – Conduct audience research
  • Step 4 – Determine key messages
  • Case study
The Strategic Communication

Process: Steps 5-6

  • Step 5 – Select the communication
  • channel
  • Step 6 – Develop the communications
  • Campaign


The Strategic Communication

Process: Steps 7-8

  • Step 7 – Implement the campaign
  • Step 8 – Evaluate the campaign
  • Case study
  • Managing the communication campaign