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Reward Systems – old page 2022.10.12

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Job evaluations, salary scale design, bonus systems for different categories of employees, incentives for executives, focused surveys and generally all services that will help a company to attract and retain quality employees in a cost-effective way.

Every company is required to achieve the golden balance between the minimum cost of HR and maximum attraction and motivation.

Particularly when the organisation of the company changes due to new needs or cost rationalisation, achieving this balance by companies often requires the support of experts who will ensure an objective and evidence-based approach.

We will analyse and evaluate your jobs for you and rank them according to external and internal balance. We will work with you to create a salary and incentive system that fits the mission and objectives of the business, depending on its scope, size and geography.

We use evidence-based methodology derived from leading international organisations and independent salary surveys as appropriate. The final solution will be simple, tailored to your business and will not be an “off the shelf product”.

Which organisations need an organised reward management system:

  • Companies that do not have an organised reward system and have diagnosed a lack of control, motivation, competitiveness and internal fairness.
  • Companies with structured remuneration systems that do not meet modern challenges.
  • Companies that want to increase their competitiveness in attracting, retaining and encouraging employees.

What is included in a total reward management system:

  • Analysis and evaluation of jobs based on internal and external comparisons
  • Design of a basic pay system with scale formation and pay progression mechanisms.
  • Incentives, short and long-term (e.g. productivity bonuses, stock options)
  • Benefits
  • Connection to performance management system

System principles

  • Performance reward
  • Justice (External and Internal)
  • Competitiveness (in the market)
  • Efficiency, economy
  • Provision of incentives
  • Alignment with the business strategy
  • Transparency

Special tools used

  • Job evaluation questionnaires
  • Wage and benefit surveys