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Human Capital Metrics / KPIs

Human Capital Metrics play a significant role in developing a sustainable work environment for the workforce to aid greater efficiency and productivity and help Organizations to measure the value and effectiveness of HR interventions.


Human Capital Metrics that Matters

Clearly understanding the experience of employees within the organization and potential talent entering the organization is a key to success. While HR metrics are used to track and measure past performance, HR analytics involve analyzing company data to generate predictions or insights.

Proactively recognize and prioritize your people’s needs with data-driven decisions is a way to support your employees effectively across in their journey.


Although companies spend up to two-thirds of their budgets on people—A relatively small number of organizations today have the capacity to manage and use human capital data.


Whilst human resources professionals are starting to use their data more efficiently, many are overwhelmed about how to integrate these inputs into their strategic workforce planning or how to start an effective Human Capital analytics practice.


Typical Types of HC Metrics:

  • Talent: Quantifies metrices associated to company’s workforce such as hiring, attrition, performance, turnover etc
  • Process: Measures the effectiveness of process execution such as job offer acceptance rate, volume transactions etc.
  • Financial: i.e., What is the financial investment throughout employees’ journey such as fixed , variable and benefits cost per employee, cost of turnover, training cost etc.
  • Internal Customer: Measures HR’s ability to meet its internal customer needs


ICAP People Solutions  can assist organizations on their HC Metrices journey with answers to key questions including:

  • How does the human capital metrices contribute to organizational strategy?
  • What types of human capital metrices do organizations implement?
  • How do organizations build capacity in human capital metrices and analytics?