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Leadership on-board: The role of Personality

Hogan Event

Leadership on-board: The role of Personality

ICAP People Solutions is pleased to invite you to the presentation “Leadership on-board: The role of Personality – Hogan Assessments”, which will take place at the Onassis Stegi, 107-109 Syngrou Avenue on October 7, 2022, at 10am – 1pm.


The topic of the presentation is the personality of officers as a core attribute in leadership at sea, and is based on the “Ulysses Project”, a study carried out by Hogan Assessments on a large number of Thenamaris deck and engine officers, with the aim of highlighting the important leadership behaviors on-board.


The Performance and Development Team of Marine Personnel department of Thenamaris represented by Yannos Koudounas, Kostas Neamonitakis, and Athina Kapetanaki will share their experience of working with Hogan tools for the development of marine officers. On behalf of Hogan Assessments, Maya Krzyzanowska, Senior Consultant International Distributors, will present the conclusions of the study. Mr. Elias Alevizos Group President & CEO will address the audience.

Discussion and light lunch will follow.


  • Welcome and Introduction: Elias Alevizos, Group President & CEO
  • Ulysses study presentation: Maya Krzyzanowska, Hogan Assessments, Senior Consultant International Distributors
  • The Thenamaris Experience:
    • Y. Koudounas, Performance and Development Supervisor
    • K. Neamonitakis, Performance and Development Officer
    • A. Kapetanaki, Assistant Performance and Development Officer
  • Discussion on leadership challenges at sea, how can personality assessments contribute to development of positive behaviors monitored by Kostas Zoulias.
  • Light lunch.


Yours sincerely,
Kostas Zoulias
Director, Human Capital Consulting