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Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning guarantees an alignment to an organization’s business strategy by identifying critical job families, roles and the capabilities that are necessary and pivotal to bridge current gaps and meet future goals.


Strategic Workforce Planning helps organizations understand their current state, forecast talent gaps, and take the necessary steps to close those gaps.


It is a core business process so important to the success of a business that business leaders should approach it proactively and take ownership of it. The traditional strategic planning process often focuses heavily on capital expenditures, technology, and marketing investments to implement business strategy and too little on the organization and the human capital necessary for sound execution.


How do you plan for the future of your workforce when the future is uncertain?

Steps in the strategic workforce planning process:

  • Establish where your business is going so as as to have a clear understanding of your business strategy
  • Understand where the labor market is going Identify your future talent demands
  • Assess your current talent inventory
  • Identify your talent gaps and strategy to close them
  • Implementing the process