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The Career Reorientation and Transition Services

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The Career Reorientation and Transition Services

We care about people and support them in their career change and transition, focusing on their needs and training them in developing skills for better self-presentation in the marketplace.

At ICAP People Solutions we support people of all sectors and levels who are leaving companies or who are leaving as part of a voluntary redundancy scheme to:

  • Manage the change they are experiencing in the best possible way, believe in themselves and optimistically apply for a new job
  • Get the tools to find a job or make a career change
  • Get involved in entrepreneurship/consulting/freelance professions

We also help companies strengthen their corporate image as a responsible employer that cares about its staff and is committed to their rehabilitation.

The reorientation programmes and Career Transition (Outplacement & Career Transition Services) is flexible and personalised (customized) the needs of the individual employee and the needs of the individual employee and individual or group depending on the needs of the company.

Our programmes include:

  • Advisory guidance (coaching) by experienced and certified Career Coaches
  • Exploitation psychometric tools HOGAN to enhance the self-awareness of the participants
  • Development of the personal brand of the employee and providing support in the design of the CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile
  • Mapping of the market, design a communication and targeting plan to potential employers
  • Preparing for the job interview
  • Send resumes to companies by the Advisor
  • Support at the negotiation stage & initial integration into the employer.

Why ICAP People Solutions?

  • 10 years of experience with over 1000 participants in mainly individual programs and track record of success
  • Specialization of the Advisory Group at Career Coaching and in the Selection of Executives
  • 50 years of experience in the consulting and possibility of cooperation with the executive selection department of the  ICAP
  • Taking up different positions working with high absorption rate to multinational and Greek companies
  • Psychometric tool representations internationally renowned
  • Utilisation of its resources ICAP when needed (sectoral studies, ICAP publications)
  • Implementation of online meetings and providing support to participants throughout Greece.